Saturday, April 1, 2006

Wolfsons Children's Hospital and St Boniface Foundation are source of Hope for this child

MarcKenji Altenor sleeping like an angel in a hotel room in PaP while his paperwork to go to the US for emergency surgery is being processed. Nick says "5 month old Marckenji has a tumor which has caused him to be hydrocephalic, a build up of water on the brain. He and his mother Rose are in Jacksonville, Florida at Wolfsons Children's hospital. They arrived late last night and Marc was immediately admitted. He is getting an MRI done today and there is hope surgery will start Monday or Tuesday. Elyse Baird from The St Boniface Foundation Hospital in Fond des Blancs flew with them. We thank St. Boniface Foundation for their great help in finding the treatment and for sponsoring the trip. My prayers go out to the little guy and the mother, Rose. It was very upsetting for her. She was overly thankful for everything we did for her, but as she had to leave behind the twin Kenji and a 5 yr old here in Cayes, she cried most of the way to the airport. In the short two days I was with the family I grew quite attached to little Marc, just glad I could be of some help to the little guy." Nick accompanied the family to PaP to help with the necessary paperwork to acquire a medical visa. Your prayers for little Marc and his family are appreciated. Posted by Picasa


  1. Some of us know from our own life what it is like to have a child with a life threatening illness. You cry a lot, you pray a lot and you hope a lot.

    The one thing that gets you through it all is knowing that someone cares. When it is possible let the family, especially the mom, know that we in the U.S. are crying and praying and hoping for the successful surgery for MarcKenji.

  2. Nick

    Thanks for being there & for having the opportunity to help those so unfortunate

    You have been blessed to have these experiences