Monday, March 26, 2007

Au Revoir

Jack Reynolds, President of Theo's Work, was here for a week and left this morning. Theo's Work is the non-profit organization that supports us by raising money and establishing networks, relationships with other non-profits. He'll be on vacation in Arizona for a couple of weeks so if you don't hear from him, do not worry.
Victor was here a whole month and he left this morning as well. We were blessed to have him with us and he accomplished quite a bit while here. God bless you, Victor.
Bon Voyage to you both.


  1. Jack definitely needs the vacation, but I am sure he will access email and end up working while in AZ, too. Thanks to both Jack and Victor for all that they do!

  2. Jack you should enjoy AZ right now it is beautiful.
    Nick's cousin from AZ