Friday, March 23, 2007

Rainy season

When it rains here, it pours. One result is lots of little "ponds" where home-made sailboats can float. This is Tomas with his boat made from an old rubber sandal, bamboo sticks and piece of a trash bag. Photo by Nico


  1. Hi Father Marc!
    We've seen the great job you are doing there for those children.
    We would like contribute somehow.
    Do you think clothes, shoes etc. would be of any use for your children?
    If so, please tell us where to send the package.
    We live in Europe.

  2. These kids are the ultimate trash recyclers!

  3. Dear Anon.,

    Because of the high cost of transportation and the corruption in customs it is best to purchase clothing, medicine, etc... here. We appreciate your concern and willingness to help. God bless you.
    Father Marc