Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fabien Chery

This is Fabien Chery. He's fifteen years old and he plays the cornet. Fabien's mother passed away years ago and his father is dirt poor. Fabien was playing his cornet last Saturday evening as part of a Mardi Gras festival in Camp-Perrin when a truck from Jeremie loaded with people and coal came barreling through the town and hit the people who were celebrating. Eleven people were killed that night and over 20 suffered critical wounds. We found Fabien on Monday in the local hospital with both his legs broken. He was luckier than most. His father could not afford medicine or treatment so Fabien was not given even an aspirin for his pain. We bought him pain meds, paid for an x-ray and the casts he needed. One of our young guys will make sure he gets food and other necessities. Thank you for supporting us in these tough times so that we can be of help to His people here.


  1. Will Fabien be coming to live at Espwa now? By the way, I think you mean cornet, like a trumpet but shorter. Does he have his own instrument?

  2. No, Fabien is gone back home where his family is caring for him. The father promised to come see us should Fabien require any additional help. Thanks for the correction on "coronet". I don't know if he has his own but will ask.