Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ferro-cement roof

First you do the framing. Then you attach rebar at regular intervals. Cover with two sizes of mesh. That's Verrouce above working on the mesh. if the weather is good tomorrow we'll be putting cement on this and VOILA we'll have a new ferro-cement roof.


  1. Fr. Marc,
    I just had a few questions regarding this roof. I am currently an architecture student at the University of Cincinnati and part of a studio that is working on a structure for another Orphanage in Haiti (Good Shepherd Orphanage).
    My two questions are:
    Was this roof damaged at all in the earthquake?
    Will this roofing type structurally support a second story?


    DAAP Architecture
    University of Cincinnati
    Orange Tree Atelier

  2. John,
    The kitchen is a new building, I don't believe it will support a second story. I just wanted to chime in here... here is a link to a building system that will not be damaged by an earthquake and will support a second story. This system is already being used in Haiti and it's a little different than the system that Espwa is using. But I believe Espwa will be also using this system soon :-)