Thursday, April 2, 2009

S.O.S. for Haiti

This is a photo of Susan Midgett, a young mom of two, from North Carolina. It was taken when she was here not too long ago. She heard about us via her husband who is active in the Gate City Rotary Club (Greensboro, N.C.) and eventually decided to come see for herself. Of the many things that struck her, the need for a better, expanded medical and dental clinic seemed most urgent. She has courageously volunteered to fundraise $100,000 to help that dream come true. How will she do this, you may ask. She will be swimming the open waters of the Pacific from San Francisco to the famous island of Alcatraz. Please check out her blog (there'll be a link up very shortly) and keep her in your prayers. Donations can easily be made through her blog via credit card. Best of luck to you, Susan, and thank you for doing this.


  1. Fr. your link is not working to

  2. It's actually SOS For Haiti ( We'll get it fixed.

    Showing my staff your website and bragging on you! WOO HOO!!
    So proud of you and all you have done for HAITI!