Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sanitary Station

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This is the final photo of the Secondary School bathroom, I promise. It looked really good in the late afternoon light that I just had to photograph it. Now everything else around it looks shabby.


  1. That may be one of the nicest bathrooms in all of Haiti!

  2. Greetings, Father!

    My name is Tina and my family and I live in San Diego. We attend St. Mary Magdalene church which I understand you'll be visiting next weekend. We're so looking forward to your visit and to meeting you.

    We have a son, Aidan, who was adopted from Haiti. He has been home with us since just before his first birthday - he's now six and about to enter first grade. He's so smart and funny, and I know he's going to want to shake your hand!

    He lived most of his first year in an orphanage, and it was through our visits with him during his adoption that we fell in love with Haiti and its amazing people. Reading your blog puts that desire right back in my heart to go there again someday, hopefully with our son in tow, to somehow give back to Haiti for the gift of our amazing boy. Knowing that your doors are open to mission works (my husband is a mechanical/plumbing engineer who is originally from Trinidad, and I am a photographer and artist) gives us something to plan for.

    Anyway, we look forward to your visit at St. Mary Magdalene next weekend. We'll say a prayer in your honor to St. Christopher for safe travel.

    (I apologize for writing you this way - I didn't see a way to email you directly.)

  3. Fr. Marc,
    It was good to meet you this past Sunday in San Diego. As promised, the attached link gives information about a water purification system that you may be interested in. I learned of it from a work colleague who, though his own church, has been involved in various mission programs in South America. Apparently, this is supposed to be quite reasonable and is the maiin income generator for the Methodist Church that manufactures the system. I will continue to research the system some more: