Monday, July 18, 2011


As usual at this time of year I'm in California for a few weeks. It's a time to reconnect with old friends and do some networking. One of the things that we've been working on is sponsorship. I invite you to check out our website,, and click on Army of Angels. Katie and Paige have been working hard to launch this new program so check it out. Browse the archives and choose a child to sponsor. Tell your family and friends about it so the word gets out.
The economic downturn here in the states has had a huge negative impact on us. Donations have not kept up with our expenses so we are looking at ways to expand our support base. Got any ideas?
Am waiting for photos from the staff of Espwa and will upload them soon so keep checking in.
God bless.



  1. When I am in the MIA airport I always see so many people going to Haiti on 1 to 2 week missionary trips and I always think to myself . . . couldn't all that money on hotels, flights and food be better spent (as I too sit in the MIA airport waiting for my flight to PAP)?
    Here's the idea: Have virtual mission trips. The village needs X built/done? Have people sponsor a particular worker. Sponsorhsip could be 1 workday or the length of the project. Have someone blog the whole thing so that people can know that they are making a real difference. I think that's why people spend so much $ on mission trips, they want to make a difference. I think people want to know for certain that they are making a difference.

    I don't know if a virtual mission trips would work, but it might be worth a try.

  2. Is there any way I can get involved in a non-monetary way? I have got a lot of time on my hands and would love to help in any way possible.

  3. I might be blind but I can't find the "Army of Angels" link on the site. It's probably right in front of my nose.

  4. Go to and click on Army of Angels. It's on the left.