Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Three brothers

This is the story of three brothers.  Last Saturday there was a field trip to Port Salut.  A truck was rented and over 30 people went there to enjoy the beautiful beaches.  On the way back the truck lost control, went careening down the steep road and flipped over.  Nine folks died and many were seriously injured.  Three brothers were there and all three were hurt.

This is eleven year old Getro Raphael who is suffering from a fractured skull.  The local doctors have done what they can and want him sent to Port-au-Prince for some scans and surgery.
This is eight year old Judeson Joseph who has broken bones in both legs/feet.
This is Jameson Joseph, nineteen years old.  He has a fractured mandible and needs surgery in Port-au-Prince.  Both of Jameson's parents are deceased.  He lives with his step-mother, the mother of his two younger brothers, in Camp-Perrin and just finished the national exam for secondary school.
When we saw the three at the general hospital their wounds had yet to be dressed and they had received no medication.  We've since provided antibiotics and pain medicine.  We'll be able to care for the youngest, Judeson, but we need help with Getro and Jameson.  We don't know how much this will cost or even what is involved but we need to do something.  Please consider helping.  Will keep you informed.  Thank you.


  1. Hi Father Marc,
    I can send $100 . . . where do I send it and what do I need to do to designate it for these brothers?


  2. Thank you, Janet. Please send the check to Free The Kids, 2303 W. Market St., Greensboro, North Carolina, 27403 and indicate it is for the "three brothers". God bless you.

  3. Fr. Marc -

    You can count on me for $100, too. I will donate online, but not sure if I can designate it for the brothers....

    I'll keep the boys in my thoughts and prayers -

    Stephanie - from So Cal
    (Una's God daughter)

  4. Stephanie, I emailed Free the Kids and told them that's what I wanted the money to be used for. I got a confirmation from Jack Reynolds, who said he'd watch for it and make sure it was used for the brothers. Peace,

  5. Fr. Marc - I'm sure that more help is needed to care for the boys. I will send $100 to the address you provided.