Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Last Sunday was the final round of Espwa nan Nwel - a real big production. Fortunately, some staff, guests, and local businesses pitched in for the talent show so the kids could afford to kick it up a notch with costumes.

J.J. Platel warms the crowd up with an original song. He's a former Espwa boy and an incredibly talented young man (if you've got any music agent contacts, send them over - no kidding).

Some of our always enthusiastic spectators.

And our wonderful MC for the evening, Marckenson Miliste.

Third place - Julio, Tama, and Elisabeth, group "New Christmas"

Second place - group "Apotres de Noël"

First place - Jeanty and Jeune, group "Kilti Nwel"; fun fact: our new guest house worker, Charolin (far left), is the manager for this group.  Tony, blue shirt, provided the lyrics.

The committee for Espwa nan Nwel this year is pictured above: (from left) Gina, Berthony, Anne Netty, Wilbert, Marckenson, Schedzar and Enold.

Congratulations to all participants and organizers. And Merry Christmas to all!

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