Saturday, December 7, 2013


Some scenes from an Espwa Friday:

This guy, Ronaldo I think, has got his homemade soccer ball and I'm sure intends to play a little futbol before the sun gets too high. The primary and preschool students were off this week while their teachers participated in a formation and development course held by some long-time friends from FL.

This is Jim and Bob from CA - it was the last day of their visit and they wanted to make sure they could spend some time in the Village. They came to do some improvement work on the internet system that their company has donated to us. It's a tremendous gift with an immense amount of potential.

A family reunion - the mother of our new twins is visiting her children here. As a poor widow with health problems, no income, and four children to feed, she's witnessed her kids slipping in and out of malnutrition. No doubt she's happy to see that the twins are getting enough food to grow normally, develop personalities, and smile lots.

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  1. I am so very impressed with Ronaldo's creativity! Making his own ball, wow!!