Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Vigil

Happy Easter! After a long journey through the wilderness -in many ways-, here we are.

Fr. Fred Charpantier, an Oblate from town, celebrated vigil mass for us last night - the biggest mass of the year and a beautiful service. It was a great help to have him cover while Fr. Marc is in FL.

And what's an Easter Vigil without a baptism? Or two, or three - or twenty-two, as the case was.

And something to be very joyous about: Miliste, conducting here, is a graduated Espwa student on his year of service to the Project - he's been very active on the Liturgy team and volunteering his free time to organize and revitalize the student choir. In fact, every day this week they've been practicing for hours at a time - and it showed. Magnificent singing, guys! Very proud.

Easter peace to you all.

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