Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Strike a Pose

I went into the girls' village the other day to find all the babies up and about and in a playful mood. They were all eager to have their photos taken, and what's more I think the girls have been teaching them how to pose for the camera. See for yourself:

Sonice is always ready to take a photo. She did some rapping, too - what a hoot!

Jamesly definitely picked this pose up from his sisters.

Jackson, doing the ol' hold-your-back.

Danielson looks like he's doing something out of Power Rangers, and I think that's Mishkinda down there in the corner. When he first came here, Danielson was outright scared of people - he wouldn't leave his bedroom without crying. Even months after that, he's still kept a very flat affect - zones out, doesn't seem to process, doesn't interact... so seeing him smiling, active, crawling around, playing games - it's encouraging and amazing. He's not cheerful all the time, but it's progress - proof that Espwa is a healing place. Wanted to give a shout-out to all the visitors who spent time with Danielson, who have been a part of this story.

Hebreaux, who the kids call "Big Belly," goes with the traditional smile. Good choice, BB.

His twin brother, Hebredson - looking and acting more like his sisters (Samana and Carelene, also here) every day.

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