Friday, June 13, 2014

Many Hands Make Light Work

"Men anpil chay pas lou." In Haitian Creole: many hands make light work.

Last night a shipment container arrived from some of Espwa's supporting organizations. The container was filled with boxes of nutrient-rich food that greatly helps supplement the diets of those at Espwa. And when we receive a shipment like this, many of the older students gather to help unload the boxes from the trucks. Each box is passed or tossed down the line of Espwa students into the building where they can be unpacked and stored for later use.

All across Espwa you could hear the commotion last night as the container was unpacked over the course of an hour or so and the pile of boxes in the storage building grew. After all of their hard work emptying the massive truck, the students celebrated with soft drinks for everyone.

We're looking forward to putting the new supplies to use that are such an important part of Espwa's food supply.

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