Monday, June 30, 2014

World Cup

Soccer fans around the world are caught up in the thrill of the World Cup games, and Espwa is not left untouched. Almost everyday, a small crowd gathers around a tiny TV set to watch the match.

From the guesthouse, we hear bursts of excitement periodically - usually when Brazil scores -cheering, clapping, booing, and the enthusiastic Haitian sports announcer blaring "GOAAALLL." Even with the simplest of viewing parties, Espwa's barefoot-playing soccer fans are loving the World Cup. 

It's pretty cool to see everyone huddle together for the love of futbol. The older boys making bets on their favorite players, the nearby kitchen staff sneaking a peak between their work, and the little ones mesmerized by the screen, with the dream of one day playing professional soccer twinkling in their eyes. Today, Germany and Algeria are playing, and tomorrow, the US takes on Belgium. Hope you all are enjoying the games as much as we are here!

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