Thursday, September 11, 2014

Blog Series: Our Philo Boys

In the coming days, look forward to reading more about Espwa's best and brightest, "Philo Boys." These boys have grown up and completed school at Espwa, and gone on to Philo class. Philo is the equivalent of an Associate's degree in the United States, and demands learning techniques that are much more critical and in-depth than the traditional Haitian school system. These boys lived in town and worked hard at their classes for one year, and are now looking ahead to the next step: university. We depend on the generosity of donors to get these guys into college, and help make their bright dreams come true. Each upcoming post will feature one of our 7 students: Jeff, Makintoch, Lifaite, Placide, John, Julnor, and Kens. 

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  1. Mwen fye anpil. Mwen te gen volonte pou veye nou grandi. M'pa jwenn okenn dout n ke'm, nou pa't kapab fe l. Mwen renmen nou anpil. Kountinye briye.