Thursday, September 4, 2014

Update: Baby Job

In our post, Guests for Lunch, Hoping to Stay, you read about Ableson, Danielson, and baby Job. Although funds and resources are extremely tight, we could not say no to these three children when their father desperately begged us to take them in. Ableson and Danielson are getting along fine in the boy's village, but last week, we sent little baby Job to the city hospital malnourishment wing. There they specialize in helping young children regain their strength and nutritional needs, and have more access to protein formulas and growth-monitoring equipment than we do here at Espwa.  

When we dropped him off, he could barely hold his own head upright, and had to lean on the housemothers for support. His expression was blank and passive, and when he was able to get a few bites of food down, he often vomited soon after. Today, he looks more full in his face and appears more alert. The doctors say Job has been steadily gaining weight and health this past week, and is progressing on schedule. Father Marc snapped this picture at his last visit. We will keep a close eye on Job's recovery, and he will return back to Espwa when he is ready. Please keep Job and his family in your prayers as he grows and recovers at the hospital. 

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  1. Keep us up to date please. I will be praying.

    Barb in New Mexico