Monday, March 2, 2015

Cross Stitching for Cash

Our visitors from New Jersey and Connecticut brought down a load of materials to teach Espwa students how to cross stitch. The visitors helped the students learn the basics and do some practice. Out of dozens that attempted, a handful of students have shown some serious stitching skills. And contrary to Father Marc's expectations, the male students showed the most enthusiasm! 

The boys and girls who are interested and passionate in pursuing this hobby will also earn some money for their work. They will cross stitch personalized ESPWA hand towels, water bottle holders, cell phone cases, and bookmarks to sell to visitors who visit Haiti and craft fairs in the United States. All of the materials for these items were donated by Linda, Ann, and Pam, which means both Espwa and the student artist will receive all of the profits from these sales. We are excited to see the kids invested in this opportunity, and motivated to continue their cross stitching skills!

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