Monday, March 16, 2015

Pack H2O

This past week, students from a liberal arts school in Ohio came to visit Espwa on a mission trip. Before their trip they spent time raising funds to make donations to Espwa and the Les Cayes community. One of their donations were Pack H2O water backpacks. These backpacks make it easier for people to transport clean drinking water from a water source to their homes or schools.

The student group helped the Espwa kids draw their own designs on the backpacks with markers. They spent the afternoon in the Quad coloring away before a quick photo shoot.

Then the volunteers taught the kids how to properly fill and carry the bags. They left over half of the backpacks with us at Espwa to be used to bring clean drinking water to the schools. The primary and secondary school directors were very grateful for the donation.

The group donated the last dozen backpacks to the city of Les Cayes to be distributed to those who are in need of assistance transporting water. Thanks again for the thoughtful donation!!

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