Monday, February 5, 2007

Behind the scenes

Jean-Marie, Lener and Brant
One of the reasons we accomplish so much down here is the people who make things happen like these three. Here we have Jean-Marie, Lener and Brant. The three work about 80 hours a week each--- talk about devotion. Jean-Marie is head of Food Services at the village; Lener is responsible for the tailor shop and supervises the laundry personnel; Brant is our Purchasing Agent and Food Services Supervisor. Join me in applauding their fantastic work! The photo was taken this morning just before the sun came up at Castel-Pere.

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  1. Yes I join you in applauding the work of these wonderful men. Jean Marie, Lener and Brant you should be very proud of yourselves, you accomplish so much under adverse conditions.

    Mesi Ampil