Friday, February 2, 2007

Feedback from Regina

Regina surrounded by friends
I spent the past two weeks in Haiti. January weather was cool in the early morning, but hugs were always warm. The bright afternoon sun paled by comparison to the smiles of happy children. The spectacular night sky was filled with twinkling stars, but was not as mesmerizing as the twinkle in the eyes of healthy children.

My visit was filled with wonderful sights and experiences. The new tractor churned in the fields, preparing for a future harvest. Fertile minds churned with new ideas in the classrooms preparing for a future. I went out with my Espwa godson on a four-wheeler, bouncing me along the rough, rural dirt road beyond the village, but my heart bounced even more with joy to see the small plot of land he bought with money he'd saved up while working at the project.

Accommodations at the Guest House were comfortable. I think just watching everyone else work hard all day was enough to tire me out to sleep soundly at night! Those laundry ladies must have incredible arm muscles. The cooks peel and chop non-stop to prepare 2000 meals per day. I don't know where the monitors get the energy to supervise so many kids and still be able to sweep the never-ending supply of dusty or muddy footprints from their homes. The hustle and bustle of activity at the village starts before the roosters crow in the morning and lasts until long after the mosquitoes come out at night.

Although I miss my own family when I am away, I feel blessed to be able to share life with my Espwa Family.

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