Sunday, August 3, 2008

Feeding the thousands

Today's gospel recalls the miracle of feeding the thousands. The disciples were concerned that the people needed to eat and Jesus asked them to share what they had-- two fish and five loaves. In themselves, the loaves and fish were inadequate much like our talent and resources in the face of life's challenges. But when we are grounded in the Lord and trust Him our meager offerings are transformed and can meet the challenge. Look at what we have been able to accomplish by trusting in God and working together. Over 2,500 children are being educated in southern Haiti, 3,000 meals are prepared daily for hungry children, caring homes are provided for 650 vulnerable children, pro-active medical care is available to all our children and neighbors...this is nothing short of a miracle because we put our faith in God. We are very grateful to you, our benefactors, for supporting our efforts. May God bless you abundantly!

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  1. Welcome back, Fr. Marc! Espwa has been in our prayers here in Clintondale, NY. We read your latest message in church today. The water balloon fight reminds me of my college days!! God bless you all. Papa Dan