Friday, August 29, 2008

Still raining

Am heading out to do Mass for Mother Theresa's group here in town. Just had another mini-storm with wild wind and rushing rain. Many homes have been lost; tons and tons of agricultural products have been flooded; over 60 Haitians have died in these past few days. Haiti is old news now as folks focus on Jamaica and beyond. With no real safety net here and an inept government, who will help? While heading home to LaMadonne from Castel-Pere yesterday afternoon, I ran into a group of young boys. When they saw me they started yelling "grangou, grangou" which means I'm hungry. Children should not have to beg for food. As the saying goes here--
Pa bliye'n. Dont't forget us. There's a transfer of funds coming from Cross International. It should be here by Monday or Tueday. Try not eating until then to see what it's like. God bless our friends at Cross International.

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