Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Down Side

1. We have had no electricity from EdH for five full days. Our generator was fixed two days ago so we at least have that.
2. Conversations today are all about the losses suffered in the agricultural area due to the high winds and rains of TS Fay. We lost half our banana plantation because their root systems are so superficial.
3. Friday, the Feast of the Assumption, was also the occasion for the annual Gelee Beach Festival. The weather had a huge negative impact as many planned activities had to be canceled and profits were not made as anticipated.
4. Our well-digging rig is on the fritz. A hydraulic hose burst and we have not been able to repair it. Sent someone to PaP to buy a new one but the store was closed due to the long weekend. With any luck we'll get the essential hose tomorrow and continue digging the well for our neighbors.
4. The price of rice has gone up again. A small bag of rice now costs $310 (Haitian), up $60 from two weeks ago.
5. Rumors are flying that people will be taking to the streets to show their frustration at the price increases and the government's inability (willingness) to address the issue. Let's hope that the rumors are false.


  1. Father Marc and Paige, Good job! I've noticed how hardly anyone leaves comments to you. I check and read and pray every day for your Pwoje Espwa.


  2. Good job to Patrick, Placide and John Robert! Miss you all.