Saturday, May 23, 2009

Doctor Charles Tozzer

Doc. Chuck Tozzer visited us briefly this morning.  He and his team are in-country doing a dental clinic in the nearby town.  Dr. Tozzer is a long-time friend and has orchestrated the purchase of all the necessary equipment for a full-service dental clinic that we will have available for dentists to use.  Chuck and I share the same belief: build it and they will come!  Unlike physicians, dentists require a special set of tools.  Thanks to Dr. Tozzer, we have them now so we invite all dentists and dental techs to come visit. What a fantastic gift for our children!  Chuck also delivered a check from the children of St Cecilia's School in Tustin, CA who had a Lenten program to benefit the children here.  A huge thank you to the children and staff of St Cecilia's.  Be assured of our gratitude and prayers.

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