Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Test drive

Cool or what? Paige and Linda are trying out the three-wheeler that a friend of ours gave us for Yves. Paige won the coin-toss to decide who would drive. It's a chain-driven, front-wheel drive trike and the pedals are up so the hands and arms do the work. I don't think that Yves will be able to use it but he'll certainly try. I know that LaCharite could use this so after Linda and Paige are done with it we'll bring it to them.


  1. Linda and Paige!

    Paige--- are you back in Haiti for a while??

  2. Hello Everyone,
    this is so cool. I think the tires are great and will hold up well.
    a little toooo much weight on the back :-).
    Eve truly has an angel watching over him besides all of you.

    God Bless