Monday, May 24, 2010

Kentucky and Ohio

Friends Regina and Chris from Kentucky and Ohio organized the gathering of 8,519 pairs of shoes destined for our children's feet.  It took four trips for the van above to transport the boxes of shoes.  Transportation all the way to Miami was donated by FedEx.  Thank you to FedEx and to both Chris and Regina for this amazing gift!


  1. What an awesome donation! Isn't it amazing what can be accomplished by a couple of people who are dedicated to making this happen?

    Now that the shoes made it to Miami - how are you guys going to get the shoes to Haiti? I thought getting shipments into Haiti is when the real problem starts.

  2. It really is inspiring to see what people can do to help. This is a great example. We can all do something with a little will power and Gods help.

  3. Regina and Chris-

    Way to go! I'm sure this took a lot of work on your part. Thank you. I can see the smiles that your gift will create.


  4. what is the most cost-effective way to get shoes to you guys? I
    've got quite a few collected and am looking for a cheap way to ship.
    Cheers Kip Ewing

  5. There are many of us that are totally disgusted by the outragious behavior of the custom agents in Haiti.
    Those involved need to know that the rest of the World is paying attention to their behavior & unless they admit to their actions they will be prosecuted in World Court as the perpetrators of these offenses.
    Haitions have exploited their own Country People for decades which is no longer an acceptable practice.
    The World is trying to help Haiti, but the so called Hation President seems to have no interest in rebuilding the Country.
    I continue to support those in country that are trying to make a difference,but this doesn't include the government, or local government that survives on payments from criminal activities.
    If we can make sure that we are safe from these people we may be able to provide some pertinent information.
    I continue to follow what is happening with the sensors within the Country. We are sensors, but for how long are they pertinent?