Saturday, May 15, 2010

Let's be clear

I clicked on Google News this morning and read an article entitled  << Haiti PM calls on int'l community to deliver aid soon>>.  What the headline should read is << Haiti PM calls on int'l community to deliver money soon>>. 
Prime Minister Bellerive is not concerned with medical supplies or equipment that could help the anguished sick in Haiti; he's not interested in construction material that could be used to assist the hundreds of thousands who are homeless; he could care less about the donated clothing, shoes, tools, school supplies and FOOD provided by generous people and churches and schools that could benefit the poor.  No, he wants money!
Bellerive supports the excruciatingly slow and restrictive bureaucracy at customs which inhibits material aid from getting to non-profits and ultimately to the people.  It takes months to clear a container through customs and the fees are exorbitant.  A container of completely donated items typically costs $3,000 (US) and the wait can be as long as six months.  Imagine what happens to medicines or food stuck in a steel box for six months under the tropical sun!
It's no surprise that the people are sick and tired of the current Haitian leadership who spouts the right words in public but acts differently inside the government offices, who cannot respond to the needs of the people and refuses to collaborate with NGOs who could.
Why is the Haitian leadership fixated on the money?  Well, that's a future post which will take some time to write and I have to go now.
By the way, there's a huge country-wide anti-government manifestation (protest) planned for this Monday.  I'm surprised it took this long.


  1. New leadership is definitely in need in Haiti, too bad it did not happen immediately after the earthquake when the regime was confused and it was every man for himself. I'll bet one or more of the countries which have provided so much aid would have helped a movement to install a less corrupt government.


    Will these seeds get in the ground and growing before they rot in a warehouse somewhere?

  3. A few years (before he became PM) I read an article quoting the PM. He does not like NGO's. According to the article, he says the NGO's are taking money away from the government and that they should be driven out of the country. I am assuming he does not like the fact that he has less power, presumably, when the NGO's do their work. Aaah the need for power and money.