Saturday, May 29, 2010

Scheilla's story

I first saw Scheilla in the Les Cayes prison about 18 months ago though we did not meet nor did I know that our paths would cross again.  She was in a cell with about 20 other women.  She had just given birth in prison to a healthy baby who had been taken in by Scheilla's sister.  Fast forward to last month... Scheilla was found unconscious on the side of the road that leads to our place.  She was pregnant (four or so months), dehydrated and very thin.  We took her to the local private hospital where the doc saw her.  We had her take several tests to help us discover what was wrong with her.  Found out she is chronically ill and must take specials meds every day.  She stayed in the hospital long enough to gain some weight.  As she had no place to go (her sister has cut ties with her and her parents are deceased), we found a generous donor who agreed to rent her a place and set her up with a bed, table, chairs and closet.  She works in our tailors' shop making dolls and eats with us.  This week she showed up at Nathalie's office with blood running down her legs.  She miscarried.  Wish I could say that she was sad or upset but she wasn't.  It may have been shock from the loss of the baby and blood.  Scheilla is only 18 years old.  She needs much help and lots of prayers.


  1. thanks for posting. why was she in jail?

  2. We can hold Scheilla in our hearts and say a prayer for her. She has been lucky to find her way to Proje Espwa. I am glad she is working at the tailor shop. That should help her have purpose. Please keep us posted on how we can buy the dolls she is making.
    God Bless

  3. aproximately what size does she wear? i will bring her some clothes when I come in November.

  4. My heart is broken for her. How can she possibly mourn the loss of a child when she has barely survived life in Haiti. I'm really angry about the situation with the Haitian Government.
    If I were younger & stronger I'd certainly come and incite a Coup!!!!
    Can't the Haitian Governement realise that the entire World is focused upon them & the corruption that is invasive in all area's of Government.
    If I was fortunate enough to have an army I would certainly move to displace the Haitian Government that is hindering the human rights of Haitian Citizens.
    Do you have any ideas on how I can make a peaceful change????

  5. My heart is filled with sadness. Grief affects people in different ways. I am so sorry Scheilla, I truly am.

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