Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Road trip to Tiburon

Spent the better part of the day yesterday in our Toyota as we wanted to visit our school in Tiburon.  Three and a half hours getting there and four hours getting back.  It was well worth the trip.  The children and staff were happy to see us.  Tiburon is located on the western tip of the southern peninsula and is in need of help.  Thanks to Cross International our school is providing an education for almost 300 children who cannot afford schooling.  We have to work on getting them school benches as seeing small children carry their chairs/stools to school is a bit much.  We plan on providing a hot lunch program next year.


  1. You must have a lot os God's love in you, to care about so many people! It's such an inspiration to the rest of us!

  2. i should have previewed that last comment...the "os" should be "of".

  3. can you source the benches locally? how much will this cost?