Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup fever

Photo of a few boys watching a soccer match on MaTante's television.
It is World Cup time and life in Haiti has taken on a new rhythm based on the schedule of soccer matches.  Want to avoid traffic?  Just head to town when there's a match going on as the streets are almost empty-- everyone's watching TV or listening to the radio with friends.  EdH (Electricite d'Haiti) has adjusted its program to assure there's power during the matches.  There was a near riot in town yesterday when a truck hit a pole and some wires came down, cutting off a neighborhood.  EdH employees were quick to respond and restored the power.


  1. great to see that world cup fever is alive and well in haiti!
    who are the kids rooting for?

  2. Most are rooting for Brazil and the others for Argentina. Except for me, no one is rooting for the states.