Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Desperate Mother

This morning a woman came to us.  She waited for me, and after Mass asked me to take two of her children because, like many in Haiti, she cannot care for them.  Madame Pierre has eight children (three of them pictured) and a handicapped husband.  She spent the past few days at the general hospital in Les Cayes because her youngest child is sick/malnourished.  She begged the community to help her find her a place to leave her children.  The community directed her to us.

David Duvier and Mak Pierre will be spending the night with us.  Ideally, we want to keep them at home with their mother and assist the family through outreach.  She is an obviously loving mother and David and Mak are happy, well adjusted children.  But Madame Pierre does not have the means to care for her children.  Is there anyone out there willing to sponsor Madame Pierre's family?  Thank you.

Sandey Tenuto photographed this beautiful family.  Thank you, Sandey, for your time and generosity this week. 


  1. fr. marc -
    my heart breaks for madame pierre & her family. you are clearly a lifeline for the community....
    would be wonderful for her children to be able to stay with her. i don't know that i have the means to sponsor the family, but i will gladly make a donation to help the cause.
    (shall i donate online thru or...?)
    warmest regards,

  2. Thanks, Stephanie. Madame has a total of eight children so anything you can do to help is much appreciated.
    God bless.


  3. Any idea how much it would cost per month for her to keep her children with her?

  4. With no means of support and ten people to feed and clothe, Madame Pierre would need at least $250 monthly. To send one child to school costs $25-$30 a month on average. So, if she sent four of the eight children to school it would cost between $100 to $120 a month which brings the total to $350+ every month.
    God bless.

    Father Marc