Friday, September 17, 2010

Louiseul and Monique

Tolo, Louiseul, Papou, Mimi and Monique
A family outing for Louiseul and his family means getting them all on his motorcycle.  They are good friends of Linda and Peter's and they dropped by the Quad this afternoon.
This is Tolo, the youngest in the family.  Both his legs were broken when a wall fell on him during the earthquake on January 12th.  The breaks were bad and required surgery to put in some pins.  He has completely recovered physically.  Wish that some of the orthopedic teams that came down right after the earthquake could see the fruits of their labor.  There are a lot of grateful people down here!


  1. What a lovely smile...coming from his eyes!
    Thank you Fr. Marc...for all that you do.

  2. My best to Louiseul, Moniquue and the family!! Have not seen them in several years. Glad to see them all together again.

    Dianne from Hopeale