Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cholera outbreak

You probably have read or heard about the cholera outbreak here.  The majority of the cases are in the Artibonite Valley which is north of Port-au-Prince.  The scary part is that cases are slowly popping up south of that area and a few have been reported in the capital where hundreds of thousands of Haitians are living in tent cities.  These "communities"do not have adequate sewage facilities nor enough safe drinking water.  This could become another huge tragedy for Haiti.  Let's pray that it doesn't.
There have been no cases of cholera down here in the southern department so far.  Our physician has scheduled a training session on this topic for all staff so that the facts get out for effective prevention.  Our wells are tested regularly and the children are taught not to drink from other sources.  To be safe, we are treating our drinking water for the children with AquaTabs. 
Please keep all the Haitian families in your prayers. 


  1. We have been wondering about you guys and hoping all is well down south. All we can do is wish the best for everyone in the northern tent slums...wish more help had come and sooner...wish someone had an answer for the homeless!
    Glad to see all the building going on at your place! The kiddoes look happy and safe.
    Keep up the great work and stay healthy,
    Lloy, up in Colorado
    P.S. Would love an update on TiOurs?

  2. I am a reporter for the Portland Press Herald in Maine and I am writing story for tomorrow's paper about the cholera outbreak. Are people frightened about the outbreak in your area? Are supplies to fight the spread plentiful? Please respond if possible by e-mail at I would like to use your comments in my story. Thanks, Beth Quimby