Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Club Performance

These young men and women are mostly medical students who came here last week and trained our children in personal hygiene and the prevention of diseases (like Cholera).  They call themselves Club Performance and their president is our very own Joey Lamarre, brown shirt-- second from right.  What a great bunch of young people who gave up a week of the Christmas vacation to help us out.  May God bless them abundantly!
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  1. What happened to the Med school in PAP? I had heard it was reduced to rubble. Is this where these are in school?


  2. Yes, the school was destroyed but they rented a facility while hoping to raise funds for a new school just outside of PaP.

  3. what is the quality of the medical school education?....would it be more comparable to paramedic training in the US, or Nurse Practitioner? I can't imagine that it produces physicians skilled to practice medicine as it is known in the rest of the hemisphere.