Friday, January 7, 2011


TiChal bought these items at a local store.  Can one of you tell me how much these cost in the states?
32 oz of honey costs 345 Gourdes/US $8.75
can of mushroom soup costs 75 Gourdes/US $1.90
28 oz of peanut butter costs 267 Gourdes/US $6.76
hot pepper sauce costs 34 Gourdes/US $.86
8 oz of grated Parmesan cheese costs 265 Gourdes/US $6.71
10 oz can of asparagus costs 191 Gourdes/US $4.84
32 oz jar of strawberry preserves costs 210 Gourdes/US $5.32
I'd appreciate hearing from someone who knows the US supermarket prices to the above food items.  Thanks very much!
Wow!  Great response.  Appreciate the compared prices and your efforts.  The next time I'm in Maine I'll check out Hannaford's in Farmington.  Hannaford's sent us tons and tons of bottled water right after the earthquake.  Them there folks up in Maine are right generous!! (Pronounced with a down east accent.)


  1. Hi Father Marc,
    At Hannaford's in Farmington, ME, the prices are as follows:
    32 oz. honey $7.99
    mushroom soup, 99 cents
    28 oz. peanut butter, $3.64
    hot pepper sauce, $1.79 (looks like you got a deal there)
    8 oz. Parmesan cheese, $3.49
    15 oz. can asparagus (couldn't find 10 oz.), $3.56
    32 oz. jar strawberry preserves, $2.89

    There were higher and lower prices, depending on name brand/store brand, but these were average prices. The difference is astonishing, and so sad . . . Hope the info is useful.
    Janet Brackett

  2. one thing to consider, however, is that buying an American product in the lower 48 is going to be cheaper than buying that same product in some place that has to add transportation costs. Consider what these same prices would cost in Alaska or Hawaii. Is there someone out there who know prices for these products in those places? How would those prices compare to the prices in Haiti?

  3. The following are prices from a regional chain store in Washington, DC. These are shelf prices and do not take into account sales, and discounts when using coupons or store "club" cards.

    32 oz of honey - US $6.69
    can of mushroom soup - US $1.39
    28 oz of peanut butter - US $4.29
    hot pepper sauce costs - US $1.79
    8 oz grated Parmesan cheese - US $3.49
    15 oz can of asparagus - US $4.00
    32 oz jar of strawberry preserves - US $3.99

    Looking at the price for peanut butter and honey, in Haiti, I see an opportunity to create a Haitian run business or two, let the children/adults run it as a self sustained enterprise which would both provide food for Pwoje Espwa and provide those goods at a better price.

    The merchants who currently sell these items could serve as distributors and benefit from increased sales and traffic thru their store because the peanut butter and honey, locally sourced and manufactured, would then be sold at a more affordable price.

  4. The prices in Grenada (Southern Caribbean) are slightly even higher on some things!! We have an IGA supermarket here & while it is nice to have name brand products from the US, the prices are a killer.
    I don't even think about buying produce that isn't grown on the island... grapes, cherries, strawberries, asparagus -out of the question!
    It is sad that in some of the poorest areas food is so expensive.

  5. Mary, I agree. I was in Hawaii recently and I couldn't believe how much food cost there. I don't know how people afford it. Interestingly, my husband is a mail carrier here in Maine, and he told me that the postal service pays 25% more for the same job in Alaska, just because the cost of living is so high up there.

  6. Fr. Marc I checked out a smaller village super market in Hammondsport New york where I live.
    Prices as follow:
    32 oz honey 8.69
    can of mushroom soup 1.65
    28 oz peanut butter 4.59
    hot pepper sauce 1.79
    8 oz grated parm 4.30
    14 oz can asparagus 2.99
    32 oz strawberry jam 4.29
    God Bless