Monday, January 24, 2011

Shella Dupera

This is Shella Dupera.  She's 30 years old and has two children- a little boy of seven and a girl who is six years old.  She was in Port-au-Prince for the earthquake last year but she and her family came through it all right.  They lost their house but had each other.  Three days after the quake, the small family of four finally found a ride to Les Cayes where Shella's mother lives.  The bus they were on was involved in an accident.  Shella was hurt and knocked unconscious; she woke up days later at the General Hospital in Les Cayes and saw that her left leg had been amputated.  Soon afterwards Shella's husband left her.
She comes here every week for a ration of food for her small family.  This morning she asked us to pay for her two children's school expenses.  How could we not?


  1. Father Marc, I was so edified by the way you helped Shelia.

    Know we sisters read your blog and pray for your work with the people in Hati.

    God Bless!
    Sr. Loretta

  2. Father Marc, your compassion for other people is truly inspiring. As a member of the Hope Village Club at my high school, it is nice to check on the blog and see all the great ways that children are being helped and cared for. I can only imagine how deeply appreciative Shella must be that her children are still able to attend school despite her devastation. Its nice knowing that although we live in a world where far too much is overlooked, there are still people fighting the ignorance for the children's sake. A little compassion can go such a far way.