Sunday, March 27, 2011

TOMS Shoes Distribution

Pwoje Espwa Sud received a generous gift of TOMS Shoes a couple months ago.  Recently, PES graduates have been working after school to distribute these shoes to impoverished neighborhoods in and around Les Cayes.  Mackentoche, Jean Rody, Jonas, and Gary have done an excellent job not only distributing the shoes, but acting as ambassadors to Espwa. 

They fill out daily reports, recording the place of distribution, name of each recipient, and size of shoe each child receives.  The response has been more than positive.  Mothers are thrilled that their children have shoes. Children are thrilled that their feet are protected. Espwa is thrilled to be helping our community. The Espwa Distribution Team is thrilled to be making a small impact. 

There are lots of happy little feet in the South of Haiti- and the guys feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment while doing it. 


  1. the smile from the little one in the last photo says it all.....

  2. Fr. Marc, You must be so proud as well with the work you do there for the children...Sr. Loretta