Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gift from Taiwan

Both headlights are smashed, dents and rust everywhere and no battery.
The Taiwanese government gifted the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture with a hundred roto-tillers like the one above.  Because we collaborate with the ministry, we were selected to receive a roto-tiller for our farm for a nominal fee.  These may have been new once, but ours is a mess.  One good thing is that it runs on diesel and one bad thing is that it came with no handbook.  Two more good things: the large tires are interchangeable with metal ones for working in rice paddies and the fact that it is already "broken in" means less anxiety when we dent it.


  1. The machine looks like a real work horse; cannot wait to see it in action.

  2. Does it have a brand name and number? There might be a manual on line in PDF format. How's your Chinese?

    Barb in New Mexico


    Is this it?

    Barb in NM