Thursday, June 30, 2011

Solar technology comes to Espwa

A mutual friend introduced us to Joe Louis who owns and operates SUN TECH SOLAR HAITI.  He came by today and offered to install a solar-powered lamp post.  If we don't like it, he'll come back and remove it.  Pretty sure of himself, huh?  These lamp posts have a couple of solar panels which charge a 12 volt battery (in a metal box attached to the post).  When the sun goes down the LED (light emitting diodes) turn on and provide light all night.  We positioned the post near the children's village entrance as we need light there at night.  The local power company is less than reliable which means the village is often in darkness so this could the solution.  They aren't cheap as you can imagine but the children's safety is our concern here.


  1. Your awesome! Saving the earth too!

  2. Great to see the sun making energy.
    The way of the future. Are the solar powered lamp post's made in Haiti?

  3. Finally! I love those lamp posts!!! Let's get them all over the property. :)