Thursday, December 27, 2012

Medical students

For the last four years a group of medical students from L'Universite Lumiere in Port-au-Prince has been coming here over the holidays to do some training, teaching and various activities with our children.  This is their last year and so they brought along a new group (2nd year med students) who will continue this wonderful tradition.  Had a nice chat with them this morning - great bunch of young people.  The photo above is a partial representation.  Is it me or are med students getting younger and younger?


  1. They do appear younger and younger because we keep getting older :).

    It would be amazing if you could have education in your schools for your students to become nurses or doctors through a school on your own property. Has anyone ever talked about something like that?

  2. Not exactly a medical school but we have thought of integrating medical technology as an option in our Professional School. We just started a program for x-ray techs and hope to develop more. Thanks.