Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stevenson Samedy

I was stateside when TS Sandy hit Haiti.  We lost a roof on one of our houses, our fields were flooded destroying the crops there but we were spared the devastation that was visited on Haiti and later on in NY and NJ.  The boy above, Stevenson, lost his mother to the Ravine du Sud, a large river in the south.  He has 3 sisters and two brothers.  Stevenson is 8 years old and is still grieving.  His brothers and sisters all went to various family households and his aunts brought him to us.
It is because we have generous friends like you that we are able to take in children in need like Stevenson.  "Thanks" just doesn't express the gratitude we feel.  May God bless you.
Almost forgot to mention that the young man in the photo is Mackentoche Noel, a graduate of ours who works in the ChildCare Department when not attending school.

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