Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Beginnings

This is Samana; she's a new arrival and the sister of twins Hebreaux and Hebreauson. Samana is an adventurous extrovert type, almost the opposite of her reserved, focused little sister Carelene. Despite their differences, the girls stay close and watch out for one another. And despite the years they've spent in some pretty desperate poverty, they're both sweet as can be.

The photo was taken a few weeks ago, at our assembly for the beginning of school. It's meaningful on a lot of levels: for the kids, the beginning of a new academic year; for Samana, the start of a new life at Espwa; for us in cyberspace, the first post of a new blog; and for all at Pwoje Espwa, the start of something new - a time of refocus, renewal, and perseverance through all the challenges we face, financial and otherwise. Please continue to pray for us, and keep us in your thoughts.

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