Thursday, October 24, 2013


Yesterday the Project put on a Spektak for our visitors. It's a wonderful tradition for all involved, especially the kids; they take the initiative to create routines, organize performances, and encourage one another throughout the process.

Here's an action shot of Julio onstage, where he sheds his usually quiet demeanor to put on that rockstar persona he wears so well.
And that's Leti and Aurel in the background with our clunky AV equipment. A few years (or decades) out of date but hey it gets the job done, am I right?

The younger girls perform a traditional Haitian dance. A lot of flowing gestures and deep, reverberating drum beats. I get the feeling Tama's leading here, the way Lemsa watches her for choreography.

Dance of the market women and farmers. This was a real fun one - Bosico plays a great elderly farmer; it made me laugh to see him grimace and hobble onstage, then explode into dance.

Here's Tama again; this time showing off her singing chops. This was a pretty big number - with the other young girls backup dancing and a cameo by Julio. I think a few minutes after this photo was taken she went into the dancebreak and the crowd went wild.

Good show, guys!

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