Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Living Water

Friends at the US-based Presbyterian water ministry are giving us a great gift, installing a water purification system adjacent to the clinic. This will allow us to easily provide clean, drinkable water for the whole Espwa campus, and will serve as an enterprise opportunity for some of our young men vending water to the local community.

Here Al, our electrician, works with the team's local technician on the installation.

The ministry team is devoting part of their time with us to educating our children, student leaders, and staff on the importance of potable water. Here they are in one of the girls' domes running an icebreaker activity.

They've been coordinating with Miss Gilloux, our public health nurse (in blue on the right), to hold formation sessions like this one with the house mothers. Jean Rudy, standing with the group, is translating for them and will be one of the young men operating the water system.

Here's a 'priority ladder' - things you need to use purified water for (drinking, cooking, baby care, brushing teeth) at the top, and things you can use untreated well water for closer to the bottom. The house mothers were given placards and asked to place them on the ladder.

It's never too early to start learning - Juneau, Juneauson, and Jackson sit in on a lesson.

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