Friday, February 28, 2014


As many of you know, this coming Tuesday is the big "Mardi Gras," complete with major 'kanaval' processions and merrymaking throughout Haiti. Since the festival in town gets a little too raucous for the kids, Espwa organizes our own version the Friday before for our children and neighbors. Here are some photos from today's celebration:

Pekka and the ceremonial horse take the lead, in their finest regalia.

Diversine and Mikerlange, before the festival. Their elaborate costumes mean they'll walk in front of the procession.

The fun's not just for the kids: Manager Enold (with the rad hat) and Director of Ops, Mr. Edouard Simon.

Haitian traditional makeup meets "The Dark Knight"

Castin, as the little-littles get ready to march.

Judelane and Judline, dancing to the drumbeat.

Some of you know Sam who works at the guest house. This is Madoche, his younger (but taller) brother.

TiArtis, showcasing his painted hair designs.

A troupe of old man impersonators, who paid a visit near the end of the festivities. Great acting, great makeup, sharp instincts - they were a hoot!

Happy Kanaval!

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