Sunday, March 30, 2014

Open Wide

This week we hosted a group of old friends from a Presbyterian church in NJ. Together with fellow visitor Allain from CA, they set up a dental suite in the Klinik Espwa. Here's Carelene getting a good cleaning.

Lovenson, with his typically wide smile - happy to be in the dentist's chair, looks like. After the cleaning, dentists put a sealant on to maintain oral health and prevent future problems - which means less cavities and rotten teeth in the long run.

Here Angeline cleaning out her mouth after everything's done. This was a great opportunity for our kids to receive high-quality healthcare in an important area of their lives.

But that's not all - our visitors were multi-talented bunch and shared a great deal of other professional skills: primary healthcare and cardiological consultations, physical and energy therapy, construction and mechanical assistance, and more! A real gift.

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