Thursday, March 13, 2014

Students' Visit

This week a group of college students from OH are with us on a mission trip. It's a wonderful opportunity for our children, especially our older ones, to share and receive knowledge, perspectives, and questions with others who are so close to their own age.

Here are some snapshots of the week:

Remember PPED, from our last blog post? Well this group of exceptional young men is planning to start a small boutique at Espwa in order to support their activities with vulnerable children and establish an enterprise model for future graduates. Here are Makentoche,Lifaite, and Jean Ourdy meeting with the visiting students for advice on forming a solid marketing plan and a strong business proposal to present to potential investors. Two of our visitors are economics majors, and the others have good sense for the field - needless to say, good first steps were made.

Engineer Jay and deputized assistant Lisa - both faculty advisors for the trip - getting down to brass tacks by fixing some of our dysfunctional machines; pumps, sanders, V-belts... it's such a godsend to have that know-how here, even if it is for just a week.

An after-school English club with a few young men from the Secondary School. A relaxed setting for some very deep conversation.

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