Wednesday, March 5, 2014


This is Ralph, who used to live with us here at Espwa. He has a severe developmental disability that requires consistent medication and constant supervision. When he lived here, we soon understood that we didn't have the resources we needed to take care of him appropriately, so we asked another home for children with disabilities in town to take him in. Unfortunately, because Ralph is no longer a child, caring for him in the context of a children's home is much more complex and requires more than the other home has available. They've asked us to let him stay with us temporarily; currently we're looking for alternative homes for adults with disabilities in Haiti. If any of you have any contacts at places like L'Arche or other adult communities here (or internationally), please let us know.

It's bittersweet for everyone to see Ralph again. On one hand, it's a homecoming - he remembers his brothers, sisters, and house mothers here, and vice-versa - but on the other, it's a challenge to take care o him in the most basic sense, and not one that we're equipped for. These are the kinds of situations we often encounter in Haiti, situations that call for a compassionate response and a good deal of wisdom.

Please keep Ralph in your prayers, and us too, as we walk forward in faith.

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