Friday, October 10, 2014

From Alaska to Haiti

For the month of October we are so lucky to have Dr. Jerry visiting all the way from Alaska. Dr. Jerry has come to Espwa for over a decade and with each trip he is able to see many of our kids and people from the communities around Espwa.

On this trip, Dr. Jerry is tackling ringworm of the scalp which afflicts many of the kids at Espwa and is easily spread between children that sleep in the same bed. With the help of a pharmacist friend in Alaska named Paul, Dr. Jerry was able to bring down enough medication to begin to treat all those on campus suffering with ringworm of the scalp.

Early this week Dr. Jerry and Madame Guilloux spent time in the boys' and girls' villages seeing all of the children with this ailment. Now the medication has been appropriately divided for each child by weight and Madame Guilloux will see the project through with the help of the house mothers. We hope to see fewer kids suffering from ringworm of the scalp in the next few weeks.

Thanks Dr. Jerry for all your work with Madame Guilloux!

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